St. Margaret Mary Roman Catholic Church

Gathered by the call of Jesus to serve one another.

2405 S 7th St, Terre Haute, IN 47802
(812) 232-3512

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Saturday: 4:00 PM
English - 11:00 AM
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9:00 AM
3rd Thu - 11:00 AM
Friday: 6:00 PM
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Welcome . . .

Fr. Daniel BedelSt. Augustine is credited with calling Christ, “ever ancient, ever new.”  As Catholics, we recognize the need for the Church to have one foot firmly established in the ancient traditions and devotions of our faith, while having the other foot always stepping out courageously into the modern age in which we live.  It is in this spirit that we of St. Margaret Mary Parish in Terre Haute welcome you to our parish community through our website.  In this site, we invite you to discover the amazing events coming up, listen to the weekly homilies, meet our wonderful staff and volunteers, and explore our mission to be an active, diverse community brought together by the story of God working in and through our lives.  I hope you enjoy your visit to this website, and through it, I hope you feel welcomed to our wonderful parish family!  May God bless you!

Fr. Daniel Bedel

PS.  See you at Mass! 

Reflections from Deacon Mike . . . Please delay your judgment

Deacon Mike StratmanA little girl was holding two apples with both hands. Her mom came in and softly asked her little daughter with a smile; my sweetie, could you give mommy one of your two apples? The girl looked up at her mom for a few seconds, then suddenly took a quick bite on one apple, and then quickly on the other. The mom felt the smile on her face froze. She tried hard not to reveal her disappointment. Then the little girl handed one of her bitten apples to her mom, and said: mommy, here you are. This is the sweeter one.

No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay judgment. Give others the privilege to explain themselves. What you see may not be the reality. Never jump to conclusions regarding their actions. Which is why we should never only focus on the surface and judge others without understanding them first.

Those who like to pay the bill, do so not because they are loaded but because they value friendship above money. Those who take the initiative at work, do so not because they are stupid but because they understand the concept of responsibility. Those who apologizes first after a fight, do so not because they are wrong but because they value the people around them. Those who are willing to help you, do so not because they owe you anything but because they see you as a true friend. Those who often text you, do so not because they have nothing better to do but because you are in their heart. Those who take out time to chat with you, does not mean they are jobless or less busy, but they know the importance of keeping in touch.

One day, all of us will get separated from each other; we will miss our conversations of everything & nothing; the dreams that we had. Days will pass by, months, years, until this contact becomes rare... One day our children will see our pictures and ask 'Who are these people?' We will smile with invisible  tears because a heart is touched with a strong word and you will say:  'IT WAS WITH THEM THAT I HAD THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE'.  Thank You Myrthel for sending me this email.  I wanted to share with all of you!

Together through prayer and service, 

Deacon Mike

Lent is Coming!!!

Picture of Soup and BreadPlease join us each Friday this Lent for Mass and Stations of the Cross in Church at 6:00 PM, followed by a Soup and Bread Supper at 6:45 PM in the Legacy Room.  After supper a presentation will be made by a guest presenter about one of their favorites saints.  Babysitting is available from 6 - 8 PM.  Please contact the parish office at (812) 232-3512 if you need a sitter.

A number of activities will be conducted throughout the Terre Haute Deanery during the Lenten Season. Please checkout the TH Deanery Lenten Flyer for more information.  

 31st Annual Dinner & Raffle

 Great odds, one in 300, to win $10,000!!!

  • Tickets are $100 each.  You can combine with others to create this amount.
  • The drawing will be Sunday, April 30th, 2017 at the Country Club of Terre Haute.
  • Included in the price of a ticket is one gourmet dinner.
  • You must be present to win - or designate someone to represent your ticket.  It can even be your ticket seller.
  • An "extra dinner only" ticket may be purchased if somone will accompany the ticket holder. 
  • Festivities begin with a cash bar and auction at 6:00 PM with a Gourmet dinner at 7:00 PM.
  • The last number to be drawn may be the $10,000 winner or the last five numbers drawn will have options to split the $10,000.

Contact: Dave Cash, Mike Connolly, Jackie Drummy, Gary Gottardi, Steve Klapko, Jerry Moreman, Linda Tanoos, Shirley West, Trey Miller, Dennis Bialaszewki or Fr. Dan to purchase your ticket today.