Discernment Sessions Announced

The Office of Deacon Formation is beginning a period of inquiry and discernment for those interested in the Permanent Diaconate. In the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Deaconsformation for the permanent diaconate is a five year process beginning with the year of inquiry and discernment. This first year entails a series of monthly meetings, beginning in September and concluding in March, which are held in various areas of the archdiocese. These sessions are open to all those who wish to enter into discernment. Serious applicants are expected to attend all of the meetings. If they are married we ask that their wives also attend. Formal application packets will be distributed in January of the discernment year to those who have actively participated in the discernment process. The applications will then be reviewed by a selection committee, and those who are selected to enter formation will begin the formal four year process in August 2018.

The first inquiry session will take place on Sunday, September 10, 2017, at St. Lawrence Parish in Indianapolis. The topic will be the Diaconate as Vocation and will also discuss necessary qualifications and the four year formation process.

Schedule of Inquiry/Discernment Sessions:
September 10, 2017 St. Lawrence Parish, Indianapolis, IN
October 15, 2017 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, New Albany, IN
November 12, 2017 St. Mary of the Woods Parish, St. Mary of the Woods, IN
December 10, 2017 St. Louis Parish, Batesville, IN
January 14, 2018 Church of the Holy Angels Parish, Indianapolis, IN
February 12, 2018 St. Paul Catholic Center, Bloomington, IN
March 11, 2018 St. Joseph Parish, Jennings Co., IN

Please note:
Serious Inquirers should plan to attend all sessions.
If the inquirer is married, his wife should also attend all sessions.
No preregistration is required for these sessions.
All sessions will begin at 2:30 pm and end by 4:30 pm
Do not contact the host parishes for additional information.

Please contact the Office of Deacon Formation for additional information. Phone: 317-236-1492 or 1-800-382-9836 or Email: kblandford@archindy.org